Nonfiction Comics of Note, continued (Guest Blogger 2)

My colleague Derik Badman, artist, comics creator, web developer, critic, and proprietor of MadInkBeard, has generously agreed to be our second guest blogger in 333. Though nonfiction comics are not Derik’s particular interest, here are seven such comics that he thought of when I asked him for a list, along with his comments. Thanks, Derik!

PS. Compare his list with Craig Fischer’s — note some overlap!

King-Cat Comics, by John Porcellino
1. King-Cat Comics, by John Porcellino. A series. Autobiographical comics by one of the best cartoonists in the world. Short reflective stories with a deceptively simple drawing style.
Louis Riel, by Chester Brown
2. Louis Riel, by Chester Brown. Learn a little Canadian history.
Alan's War, by Emmanuel Guibert
3. Alan’s War, by Emmanuel Guibert. A young American goes to WWII. The art is lovely. [Translated from the French.]
You'll Never Know, Vol. 1, by Carol Tyler You'll Never Know, Vol. 2, by Carol Tyler
4. You’ll Never Know, by Carol Tyler. 2 vols. so far. A woman learns about her father’s experience as a young man in WWII.
Journal 3, by Fabrice Neaud
5. Journal 3. by Fabrice Neaud. In French. A long, thoughtful, and beautifully drawn autobiography about a young gay artist in a small French city, one of the best comics autobiographies ever made. [Note: translations of Neaud can be found at Words Without Borders and at the website of publisher ego comme x. Also, note that one of Craig’s choices, Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators, includes work by Neaud.]
Faire Semblant C'est Mentir, by Dominique Goblet
6. Faire Semblant C’est Mentir [Pretending is Lying], by Dominique Goblet. In French. A brilliant expressionistic autobiography that uses a variety of drawing styles and media. [You can read from this work online, here.]
Don't Go Where I Can't Follow, by Anders Nilsen
7. Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow, by Anders Nilsen. Nilsen’s fiancee died and this is the heartbreaking book he made about their relationship and her death. Bring tissues.

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