Spring 2014 Workload

Below is a summary of the work required in English 333 this semester, Fall 2013:

1. Participation. This includes attendance, contributions to discussion and other in-class activities, evidence of preparation (including strong reading), and homework as needed.
2. Moodling: Students, you will be expected to use our class Moodle site regularly. In particular, you’ll be expected to post to our discussion forums written responses to the assigned readings. Expect to do this regularly (budget time to do one a week and you’ll be alright). Typically, your responses should be two to three paragraphs in length, i.e., about 250 to 300 words.
3. A take-home “midterm” consisting of formal analyses of comics, using critical terms that we’ve discussed in class. This “midterm” exercise will probably come nine to ten weeks into the term, and will require around 5 to 6 typed pages of precise analytical writing. You will have not less than five days to complete it once the instructions are given out.
4. A minicomic, accompanied by a written self-reflection: You’ll be creating your own comic based on a personal experience and sharing it with all your classmates. The comic must be accompanied by a careful reflection paper of not less than 1000 words (c. 4 typed pages) that describes and reflects on the creative process behind your comic and comes to some conclusion about the end results. You’ll be expected to support this reflection by using analytical terms and ideas learned in class.
5. A comics review: You’ll be choosing a recent graphic book (graphic novel, graphic memoir, graphic history, comics collection, etc.) from outside our required reading list and reviewing it in a 750 to 1000-word article to be posted to an online Moodle forum. This will be due before Thanksgiving. Your chosen book should be a whole, self-contained work rather an excerpt from a never-ending series, and should have been published since 2010 (Webcomic fans may wish to talk to me about reviewing a recent webcomic series instead). The idea here is to encourage everyone to expand her or his horizons—to have a broader experience of comics.
6. A take-home final essay: In lieu of a final exam, you’ll write an essay of 750 to 1000 words (c. 3 to 4 double-spaced typed pages) that responds to a discussion prompt that I will give out about a week beforehand. This prompt will ask you to reflect on your entire 333 experience and require you to analyze examples of your choosing drawn from multiple texts. Think of this task as your chance to show how 333 has changed and expanded your understanding of comics. This essay will be due on Dec. 17th, during Finals Week.

That sounds like enough, eh?

Students, for fuller instructions and discussion, visit our Moodle site and online syllabus—and expect to discuss all this class as well. Feel free to post questions here too!

This page is maintained by Charles Hatfield. Last updated on 26 Aug. 2013.


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